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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Eclipse Phase: Gate Crashing

I got the opportunity to work with Rob Boyle on Eclipse Phase again.. I did three images for their first book, but only one chapter opening this time around.

It was a fun assignment, an I tried a new approach this time around.. One of my first commissions when I did everything digitally.. I got to spend some time on a friend's Cintiq, so I went from concept to final all in Photoshop.

Here's a quick overview of the plot of this RPG,

Gatecrashing takes you through the mysterious Pandora Gates:
* The 5 solar system gates and the factions that control them
* 30 extrasolar locations of interest to Firewall
* Exploration operations and hazards
* New morphs, new gear, and rules for gate use

Learn more here on the Eclipse Phase blog

here are some of my steps thru the process:

Here are the thumb nails that I sent out to the Art Director. I had more, but I felt these two were the
strongest. And unless I got direction to do something different, I wanted to go with these.

After the initial concepts were approved with some small notes on compotion, I started with a BW tonal painting.. I pushed and pulled the forms and toyed with the composition until I came to a final image that I liked.
This is on the way to the final image.. I played with the "Pandora's Gate" ( depicted at the bottom of the composition) I had it on a separate layer, so I could push pull and stretch it until I got a composition that I liked.

Friday, December 24, 2010

D&D Gamma World

I did this assignment early 2010 for Jon Schindehette at Wizards of the Coast.  When I first got the commission, I thought I was going to have a chance to create some really awesome and crazy looking weapons..

But as I got further into the assignment I realized that I was just going to draw pretty straightforward guns, and that's it..

But it was still fun, and my first assignment with Jon Schindehette.

I've included the rough step of the process I used for this assignment.. I started everything on paper, scanned it, and then added color and clean up with photoshop.. It was time consuming, but it gave me the level of polish that I was looking for.

Friday, December 3, 2010


I've been working on this painting for sometime now.. Not everyday, just a little here and there. Everytime I tried to make an end rally to finish it, I never liked it, so I ended up repainting quite a few time.. And then it just became too much time spent. so I scanned it and did a paint over in photoshop..

I plan to repaint the original based on this photoshop image. The model for this was Chris Burns