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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

more characters from new project.


Les Conn'Arts said...

Waouh ! Si seulement je pouvais dessiner comme ça ! Tes dessins et autres travaux sont tout simplement époustouflants ! Félicitations et bonne chance pour tes projets futurs.

Damn! I wish I could draw like you do! Your drawings and works are really amazing! Congratulations and good luck for your future projects, mate, you're the man!

DkH from the Conn'arts.

Les Conn'Arts said...

This is a response to your comment you left for us on our blog:

You're welcome, mate. You're really a gifted man. You made a little mistake of translation, if I may. You translated 'thanks for stopping by my blog' by 'merci pour l'arrêt de mon blog' in French, which could mean that we are responsible for the closure of your blog, instead of 'merci d'être passé sur mon blog'. But it's really not a big mistake. By the way, I hope I didn't make any in my previous and current comments...



Cheeks said...

your work is AMAZING!

riq said...

Hi Cheeks, thanks for stopping by..

I'm always lurking on your blog absorbing all the goodness.. It's hard to leave a comment when each one would be , awesome, perfect, amazing!!

Your stuff is always getting better and betterer.