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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fun with a Brush Pen

I was transitioning from doing design and storyboards, which I find very mechanical.. Storyboards ironically enough don't really feel like drawing to me. Probably because I'm creating images that are a reference for something else, and my decisions are based on how to make the end product better, not how to make this image better..

So when I transition to something that takes a lot more creativity, and my end product is important, I have to kinda shake head mentally to get into a different mindset..

So I grabbed this pen brush I got some months ago, at the advice of another artist, and I was just doing a few gestures and what not.. And then I kinda got in a groove with the brush, which can cover a lot of area quickly. I ended up with this wolverine..

I then did a storm.. But I'll share that one later.


Alex Sheikman said...

This looks great. Solid composition and the sketch looks very loose but at the same time has a bit of rendering/texture to it...very nice :)

riq said...

Thanks Alex..