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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Redeemer Finished

Here are the final 3 penciled pages of the Redeemer intro.


Alex Sheikman said...

These are great! I love the point of view that you got for the last panel on the first page in this post. Lovely rendering as well.

Are you thinking of inking these pages or are you going to get them colored from pencils (or is this a black and white book?)

riq said...

Hey Alex..

not 100 percent sure about inking these pages..

right now.. I'd be interested to see them colored from pencils..

I also considered just inking the foreground characters.. I think I made some of the BG's un-inkable; too many shaded areas and whatnot.

Alex Sheikman said...

I think these would look great published as penciled sure put enough thought, care, and detail into them :)

I look forward to seeing the whole thing done!

Domo stanton said...

DUDE! These are awesome I gotta get up there with u on that sequential game!!

Paul Hebron said...

I love the Redeemer work. Nice job

riq said...

Thanks Paul.