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Monday, March 22, 2010

Commissions from Emerald City.

Two BW ink commissions I did at Emerald City two weekends ago..  Blackhand( Blackest Night) and Lady Bullseye(Daredevil). Both were suprisingly fun to do.


Hamza Pecenkovic said...

Nice! These are awesome, I was at that show. Had a table in the way back. I wish I had time to run around to everyone's table. I was running from one portfolio review, to another, then back to the table to try and make some money. Haha.

Craig Zablo said...

Very nice. Love that black and white work with tones.

riq said...

Hi Hamza, wish you'd have stopped by. now I know to look for you at my next convetion..

Hi Craig.. Glad you like..