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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Y'know what?!?

I just realized that I may have been approaching my sketch-a-days wrongly..

Years ago I started doing paintings at conventions for the main reason of, I can paint faster than I can ink, and it looks WAY better too. I'm a painter at heart- I block the shapes in mentally, and ink really slows down my natural process..

Recently, I've found an inking style that favors my approach, but it's really slow.

So.. I think I'll be doing my sketch-a-days using an ink wash approach.. Faster, Better, and Cooler I think!

So who's next.. I'll get to it ASAP.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Commissions from Emerald City.

Two BW ink commissions I did at Emerald City two weekends ago..  Blackhand( Blackest Night) and Lady Bullseye(Daredevil). Both were suprisingly fun to do.

Hisashiburi. it's been a while.

Okay.. It's been a while- although for me it seems like only a moment..

I feel like I've been on a big adventure this past month- I've had so much work and life to deal with, I did really have a chance to breathe until this weekend.

I had been pulling all nighters to get projects out: a website, an application interface, environmental rendering, brochure layout, spot illos for WOTC, and preparing and going to the Seattle Emerald City Con.

whew it's over, and I can finally find some time to post on the ole' blog. Oh I forgot, I redesigned my own website too. It up, but I'm still tweaking it. Stop over at if you want to take it for a test run.

Okay I have some stuff that I did during the con to post and definitely more to come.