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Monday, March 16, 2009

Garreth for ArtOrder

Another weekly sketch for Jon over at

I put this on in late, so we'll see if it's included in the round-up.

I was working on this one, and kinda just kept moving.. I like how it was developing, and it would be a great comp for a final pic now.

Here is the original descriptions:
Everyone knows the standard fantasy races - elves, dwarves, orcs, etc. Few people are aware of the Garreth - a race of tiny humanoids that populate the desolate region around red dragon lairs. They live off the charred remains of unfortunate adventurers, stealing away with trinkets that are too small for the notice of the mighty red dragon. These trinkets are used for trade, and to fashion their clothing, armor, and weapons. The Garreth have also been known to barter services with the red for higher end trinkets... such as scratching that annoying itch the red can't reach, organizing the gems and coins, or tricking adventurers into rushing after the Garreths - into the lair.
What do they look like, how do they live, what is the latest fashions around the lair? No one has survived to tell. Help me flesh out the details, and have a little fun in the process.

And here is my interpretation:

My Garreth:

These Garreth reside directly below the Dragon's Den.. They are gatherers and collectors.. They take the weapons and armour of toasted adventurers. They all have collections of trinkets, and they keep their bling on necklaces tied around their necks mainly, but they will affix them to anything that will show off their collections. They are vain, and as a society elevate the possession of these trinkets to a religious level.. They believe you have to purchase your way into a prosperous afterlife. They are buried with their collections.

Hierarchy in the society is dependent upon the amount of bling that you have, kinda like rappers. The more trinkets and jewelry, they more important you are. You get more by catering to the dragon more- They highest level of the clan would be the one that can best interact and bargain with the dragon, without getting fried to a crisp.

They also do the service of keeping watch for the dragon, alerting him/her to would be warriors in search of fame and glory.

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