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Monday, March 30, 2009

Mechanical Golem

Done for another ArtOrder weekly sketch entry.. I did this one in about 3-4 hours.. too long yeah.. But I wanted to go from pencils to finish with little/no digital.. I had to clean it up a little in photoshop, but everthing is pretty much done on paper..

I'm trying to find my analog roots again lately. I'm not totally happy with my results from doing things digitally.. I find that I can't do some brushstrokes and other spontaneous things when working on the computer, and I feel like it keeps me from finding my "voice" at times because I have to find workaround to those limitations.

Plus working analog make me think a lot further ahead..

Okay.. I got this pic into my studio and worked it over in a bit more in Photoshop. So much for that analog stuff I was just talking about.. Photoshop is like bacon.. It makes everything better!

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