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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Artifacts for White Wolf

I got the go ahead this week from my Art Director at White Wolf to put up some small illos I did for him back in December.

This was an interesting project, because it took me back to my industrial design days when I rendered a lot of projects.. The project went surprisingly quickly, and I tried out a "different" techniques.. I usually like to do my BW work in watercolor and gauche, but this time I used markers( which was/is the instrument of choice in product rendering)

The markers came out surprisingly crisp and I took the BW renderings into photoshop and put color on them using a lot of adjustment layers.

I've posted the thumbnails as well. For the Hieroglyphics I reveal my cheat.. Create a textured BG and then paint on a new layer that is set to bevel and emboss.. Adjust the setting so that it creates a shadow and then a highlight. Then on another layer, color in the shapes using with the layer set to "multiply"..

Okay here's the art.


BasicNoir said...

uhhhh Awesome. I have to yell at you tomorrow about these.

Christopher Burdett said...

Really great stuff! I really like the second piece, the head. Looks like it would have been a lot of fun to work on.

If I have not said it before, I will say it now, I REALLY like your style. I can look at your work all day.