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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Final Cover

I put a lot of sweat and tears into this final cover.. I kept tweaking it to get the right "polish" or feel that I wanted.. I finally figured that I needed the backlighting to be ver strong and almost flat..

One of my issues when I paint is not having enough value difference between my shadow areas and light areas.. I battled with the idea of which light source was stronger, the blue one coming from the box or the yellow one coming from the over head lights.

I finally realize that the back light had to win out, and I think the picture finally came together from therer.

It interesting how when you render "honestly" you sometimes get results you aren't totally happy with, but you know is right. I wanted the girls face to look much "cuter", but when I rendered the lighting correctly/honestly( as best as I knew how) It looked right, but the "cute" wasn't there as much as I wanted.

But I'm happy with the forms I created and I feel that they create some good forms on the characters.

that's it.


Christopher Burdett said...

The cover looks really great!

I totally know what you mean in regards to what is right vs. what looks good. I spend a lot of time looking at light and the way things catch light, especially colored light or strong directional light. One of these days it will all click together for me.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this piece.

riq said...

Thanks Chris..

Glad to know I'm not lost in that wilderness alone.


Christopher Burdett said...

Funny you should say that. Until very recently that was how I felt most of the time.... lost in the wilderness. It was my own fault though, but I finally crawled out from under my rock.

It is such a relief to hear another artist voice a concern or thought that I have been struggling with.