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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MMA Caricature.

This was done for a client that wanted to parody the MMA lifestyle.. I guess the ideas of these "big, bad, and mean" with a scowl and really "phat" tatoos..

Well anyway this client considers MMA to be the lowest rung of sports fighting.. He really wanted to caricature the cauliflower ears and the tatooed coolness of MMA fighters..

On his highest totem of the sport fighting, I think would be traditional martial arts..

I definitely tried to channel a bit of Mort Drucker in my approach to this.. He is one of my favorite caricature and comic artists.

I'm posting all of the steps up to the final.


Craig Zablo said...

Love seeing the progress in the pieces. I'm an MMA fan!

DH2! said...

Its a shame your client thinks this way..most guys I know in MMA would be REALLY insulted as knuckle draggers.Sounds like the client is a hater .MMA-All syles,anytime!

DH2! said...

WANNA see more!

riq said...

Hi Don,

I know what you mean.. But while I think the concept is a little insulting.. I don't think you would get that from the picture by itself..

And in the end I'll let them fight it out, literally, themselves.

Jeff said...

Hiya, love your work, was wondering if i could display your image (small version) on my club's website ( if we provided a linkback to your online store here?