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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Green Lantern: Blackest Night Finished.

Wow.. Does it take this long to finish a painting.. I guess, honestly, no- I've had other freelance design work to do, but I have to admit.. It did take a while..

I really wanted to control the colors in BG images.. I wanted them to feel as monochrome as possible, and not get too bright and compete with the main figure.

I've posted a version just before I finished the main figure.. I like some parts of this figure before I finished it, more than the finished one...

The main figure was a bit of a challenge too.. He needed to come off looking "black" as in the color, without actually being too dark.

I do have a few very small tweaks and additions to make.. But here is the final.


Alex Sheikman said...

Looking great!

markie said...

Holy smokes Tariq! This painting came out AWESOME! Any chance DC will pick it up to publish as a cover or pinup?!?