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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Super Psycho Sweet 16

I got the opportunity to do the storyboards for this film. I and two other guys from Studio Revovler, John Christopher( character designs and conceptual illustration) and Casey Edwards(graphic design and conceptual illustration), works pretty closely with the director Jacob Gentry( of The Signal fame), and producer Alex Motlaugh of POP films.

It was pretty exciting giving input into the progression of the action scenes, which there were many. John did an amazing job creating the main slasher guy( of course this is a horror film).

I'll post some of the storyboards after the movie previews on MTV on the 24th of October.

BTW-The "Evaluation Copy" text in the second clip is from me using a demo program to convert this clip into a Quicktime file. It's not some super secret reel that I'm sharing. In fact you can find this all of the net if ya' want.

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