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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sketchies and Doodles

I've been busy with a big project lately.. All-niters, last minute deadline, y'know- the usual..
And then in my spare time I'm knocking out Sketchcards for a promotion the Studio is doing.

So.. After all of that, not much time for fun stuff. But I put my fun, handy-dandy brush pen to work and here are the results.. The second is the Punisher( if you couldn't tell. I wasn't able to sport the big skull)

( I also started watching episodes of St.Elsewhere on Hulu.. Strange huh?)


Craig Zablo said...

Love the bold design of the sketches... and thanks for posting considering you've been so busy!

BasicNoir said...

Love that Wolverine Tariq! Perfect gesture!

riq said...


The Wolvie made me chuckle.. I'm thinking of doing a complete X-men set in this style.


Alex Sheikman said...

Punisher's pose is great and I love the tilt of his head...very purposeful.