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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Okay.. It's not Conan.. But I didn't have any better names. I did this for a call for B&W entries over at ArtOrder.

The process for this picture is a something new for me.. I very used to starting and finishing an illustration in Photoshop.. But usually for linework I always go with actuall pen and paper and then scan it.

I wanted to simulate a scratch board technique, ala Booth, but without having to actually use scratchboard.. So to begin this images I did a lot of getsture sketches, read blobs of black, and then painted white on top of them the pul out details. I did a lot of back and forth between the white and black and scraped quite a few concepts before coming to this one. Also, each character and the background are all on separate layers..


Christopher Burdett said...

DUDE! That is so tight. I really like the style and feel of it.

I have been meaning to post and meaning to post... so finally actually doing it. I have been absolutely loving all the White Wolf work you have been posting. Please keep it coming as often as possible! I can look at it all day long.

Great stuff!

Richard said...

Nice illustration buddy, Thanks for sharing your technique. Keep it coming and more power!

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riq said...

Hey Chris.. It's nice to know people are looking at the stuff I post.. Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself.

I have some even hotter stuff I just turned in to WW.. I'll see how much time I have to let things cool off before showing it..

Luckily the book is already in layout, so I don't think I have long to wait.

riq said...

Rich, thanks for the encouragement.

I'll definitely keep them coming.

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