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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Death.. The character not the concept.

I just finished this commision. My first picture of Death ever.. She lends herself to be drawn and painted quite easily.. I like the simple costume.

If you notice.. I'm still pimping Brian Stelfreezes's gouache/watercolor technique that I learn at his workshop last year.

When I'm doing commissions, I'm finding that I pay much more attention to composition and temperature than modeling the forms.. I try to control the temperature of the skin tones and other aspects of the image, and try to model a little as possible. This definitely allows me to have more fun with the picture.


SWAiN said...

I likey, sir. Limited palette---very sneaky, R.

SWAiN said...
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riq said...

Thanks Swain. I've got a new term now.. a Sneaky Palatte.. i like..