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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Vote For Riq at ArtOrder.

So.. How do you vote?

1. Go to the ArtOrder blog(this links to the exact page you need to go to).

2. Scroll to be bottom of the thread and post a comment similar to this text " I'm ( your name) and I think Tariq did a bang-up job for this competition. I think he's a great guy and I vote for him hands down.". And make sure you leave your name in your comment.( unless you are signed into blogger)

4. Sit back and enjoy the euphoria of helping out a friend in need.

5. Get back to work slacker!

6. Repeat next week.


Craig Zablo said...

I voted. Remind us again next week. Glad to help.

riq said...

thanks for the vote Craig.. Yo da' man.

Be at Heroes this weekend?..