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Monday, May 11, 2009

Artorder weekly sketch: unfamiliar familiar

Did this for the Weekly sketch over at Artorder. This weeks subject was unfamiliar famaliar.

I have to admit.. Not being a gaming kinda'guy.. I had to look up what a familiar was.. And It's just an animal, but one that strengthens a sorcerer or wizard.. And there are some usual familiars that are used.. And basically I had to find an animal that's not a standard familiar..

I chose the ram/goat cuz I initially wanted to do something cool with his horns.. But I got caught up in mother's day and my time got eaten away, so I had 30 minutes to do the complete drawing.. and I really wanted to participate this week-end( I think it's a great weekly event) and I cleaned it up a little bit in photoshop today..

Okay.. here's my unfamiliar familiar.


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