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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Comics and Sketchies

Nothing groundbreaking.. Just some fun drawin's today. I did this sequential page "just to see" how long it would take me.. From concept to this finished page, I totaled about 3 hours.

The other sketch is a somewhat quick doodle that I did. It definitely was inspired by Henrich Cley. I haven't even looked at his stuff recently, but his work s always great to think about when you're talking about ink work and putting life and motion into that work.


Craig Zablo said...

It's amazing that you could do such a nice page in three hours. If you could hold that pace you'd have a comic done in a week! LOL!

riq said...

Hi Craig..

That's exactly what I'm working on right now.. Establishing a level of quality and detail that I know that I can do on a monthly basis..

Even more.. knowing I can knock out a complete comic in 2-3 weeks..

I've had a recent epiphany, and while I love "premium" comics where everthing is done perfectly.. I had to come to the truth that, some comics are about the story, and getting across the story clearly and interestingly is more important than being "perfect"..

My problem isn't adding tons of detail, although I'm known to do that at times.. I have an issue trying to get the perfect scene and setup- redoing it many times over to get it better and better.

Now I just want to tell a good story.. So I'll see what happens using this approach.