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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Urban Shogun

I realized I've never placed this sequential work on my blog.. It's old, probably predates the blog, but it's not ancient..

I did this for James Mason, creator of Urban Shogun. If you haven't been there, you've got to check it out.

James and I went to high AND college together, getting the same degree as well. But don't fret, we took very different track in college, so we ended up being in different classes in college.. And I got out a year before he did. But, we've been drawing together since high school, so I expected him to put together a story for me to draw.. James took my BW pages and added color to them( I love the colors)

And here it is..( if you want to know what happens before and after, you gotta go over to Urban Shogun and find out.)


Craig Zablo said...

James is a great guy and you did him some great art so I thought I'd write this great post.

riq said...

Just Great!!