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Saturday, May 2, 2009


This resulted from a trip to Charlotte for Free Comic Book Day... Back when Mark was part of Revolver Studios.. But we weren't even named at that time...

Why so dramatic.. I have no Idea.. just more sketches that I like from the past..


Christopher Burdett said...

I really like seeing your sketches, please keep them coming!

I have been meaning to ask, how was working at 6 Flags doing caricatures? Since I was a kid going to Busch Gardens, the people who did them were always a mystery to me. I know in my heart of hearts I would/could never be able to pull that off. Something to do with performance anxiety for starters. I have never actually met someone who worked in this capacity. Anything you care to share about your time would be cool to hear.

And to repeat myself, keep those sketches coming! I really like your style and can look at your work all day.

Completely unrelated, I have been trying to get a head count, any chance you will be attending the San Diego Comic Con this year?

riq said...

Hi Chris..

Congrats on winning the ArtOrder contest last week.. It was fully earned.

I would say my chances of going to San Diego are next to nothing.. Unless some projects I'm working on get a lot hotter..

It's such a big con that I find it a waste of time unless I have something going on.. Otherwise I just keep wandering aimlessly..

Christopher Burdett said...

Thanks! Glad you liked the dwarf on a stick. :)

I know what you mean about the size of SDCC, it is very overwhelming. If your plans change, let me know.

riq said...

I almost forgot about your question about caricatures..

The truth of the matter is that working at Six Flags, you're really just a cute artist.. You don't get a lot of rewards for actually caricaturing people..

And the skill involved- looking at your sketches, it's something that most artist can learn to do. The company I worked for had created a system, actually more of a methodology for doing them..

The biggest thing to do is start with the face, eyes first usually.. And then on from there..

It's definitely not as hard as it looks, but of course you get better with time.. Since starting that job back in 93, I've done more than 20000 caricatures I would guess.

It's a great job for getting past drawing on the fly and adapting to the situation. If you have any fear of drawing in front of others, this job cures you of that quickly.