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Friday, May 8, 2009

The Black Market Blues. (Working for The Man!)

A few years back, the studio( Studio Revolver, which I've been a part of for 5 years now) got a project working on a Microsoft get genuine promotion.. Basically, these comic animations warn businesses that their dogs will die and wives will leave if they don't make sure they paying big bucks to have non-bootleg Windows operating systems.

We did a total of 5. My part of the process was mainly storyboarding and digital backgrounds.. John Christopher and I were the conceptual team, and when scripts came in, we would brainstorm now the sequence should look and flow visually. We would send the storyboards to the production studio( that did all of the animation and sound) and they would get edits, we'd make changes, repeat.

So finally, we would have a final, approved storyboard sequence, and from there Georges Jeanty, of Buffy fame, would pencil the final art, and Dexter Vines, of Civil War fame, would ink the suckas. And finishing up the duties was Tom Feister.

All of the final animation was done by the amazing guys at Lustre Communications. Check out their work, it's super-tastic.

I would do any detailed backgrounds in illustrator to we could keep them hi res. In fact I'm going to post a few of the background that I did..

I don't want to dump all the animations at once, so I'll post a couple here and there over the next weeks.

The first one I'm posting is the last one that we did..

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